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The UK SUPERGEN programme for advanced  thin film PV materials and device concepts.

The PV21 Renewal project is focussing attention on thin film photovoltaics (PV) which is the fastest growing PV production technology and one which has the opportunity for disruptive R&D over the period of the Renewal programme. With this in mind, the achievements of the thin film platforms, where key materials technologies are demonstrated in PV devices, have been carried forward to the Renewal project. The work packages cover aspects of innovative PV research from new materials through to fundamentals of thin film PV materials.

A new work package is supporting the search for new materials through advanced, high throughput, screening of new materials that will enable a much wider range of materials and alloy compositions to be assessed. The technological relevance of these new materials will be developed through work packages developing the "platform" processes for high performance solar cells, a techno-economic analysis of cost reduction and consideration of routes to large scale production. The overall objective is to develop thin film solar cells that will lead to higher conversion efficiency at reduced manufacturing cost.

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  • Focus on thin film PV and routes to reducing
    cost and improving sustainability,

  • Extension of fundamental understanding of the factors controlling thin film PV performance,

  • Evolution and upscaling of technology platforms to incorporate new ideas and processes,

  • Development and integration of advanced approaches
    to light harvesting and management,

  • Identification/development of emerging/new materials
    to address concerns about materials sustainability,

  • Consideration of economic factors influencing progress towards large scale deployment of low cost PV,

  • Integration of 'Plus' projects in selected areas to
    enhance progress,

  • Expansion and refinement of training activities.
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